Managing that "Thorn" in Your Side?

During Bible study one morning this past week, I was summing up the meanings of the parables Jesus delivered to his disciples, as well as to the Pharisees, scribes, and elders wh. It helps me to remember important elements when I can corral them in my head for easier memory management. Specifically, after reading (working my way through Matthew these days) The Parable of the Two Sons, The Parable of the Tenants, and The Parable of the Wedding Banquet, this week it got me to thinking the importance of believing, thinking, and behaving in a way each day as if the Lord were to return at any given moment because, well, he is. The lesson in those parables was we need to grow good “fruit”, stay anchored into Jesus, and be every aware of his returning.

This spoke deeply to me because, and I’ve been consistently open about this, there are times, days, hours, even moments when I have to consistently manage that with which I am encumbered by familial DNA – all kinds of mental health maladies, the kind usually requiring medication. I would never dispatch the need for medication, but I chose long ago to forego medication and incorporate Jesus into my everyday life. For me, this was much more effective than any medication because it healed many ails, from self-value issues to thought management practices – issues that initiate a host of mental health issues.

My familial DNA will always be a “thorn in my side”. I have to be honest, sometimes it wears me out. Somedays are easy, some not so easy. And I started praying about it again, to really focus on Christ helping me to heal some of the “roots” that have transferred through my family genes throughout the generations. I try to latch onto good spiritual practices that continue to help me to grow stronger and deeper in Him. I want to be in a head and heart space each day so that I hear Him. Matthew 11:15 “She who has ears let her hear.” For me that’s not just a one-time event; it’s for everyday throughout the day.

Reminding myself daily that I am to be believing, thinking, and behaving in such a way as to expect our Lord and Savior to return at any moment has been incredibly helpful when I feel that “thorn” start to activate and want to dig more deeply into my “flesh”. It prevents me from snapping or barking a response at my husband, for example. It helps me to be more patient with my elderly mother when she is argumentative and hurtful. This is why it is so crucial to stay anchored into Him each day. If not, we become susceptible to all kinds of “attacks”, whether they come from within or externally from situations, environment, or people. We need to keep on the Full Armor of God, Ephesians 6:10-18.

Does this mean I can’t have fun? Of course not. It simply means I am to be cognizant of who I am in Him, the power I have through Him, and where my future lies with Him. This will help to smooth those rough edges on days I feel a bit wearier, overworked, misunderstood, slighted, cranky, grouchy, stressed, etc. Lol...all those elements that can create an issue within self or with others.

Have a beautiful day ~


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