Knowing Our Inherent Value Saves Great Heartache

When we mature in Christ, wobbly areas in our lives fall into place. In a world that distracts us and pushes and pulls us to constantly rebrand ourselves to fit its worldly, ever-changing needs and demands on what is in, what is of value, and what is of importance, Christ airlifts us from the ever-flying debris of worldly windstorms.

Society constantly tells us what to do, what to buy, how we should look, where we should live, who has more value than who, how we should act, what we should drive, how we should raise our children, how much money we should make, etc. If not careful, we invest too much time seeking value in the unseen forces behind cultural mire.

So, what does it mean to strengthen self through Christ?

It means to grasp exactly what our inherent value is, which is different than our value in roles as female, daughter, mother, sister, wife, professional, consumer, activist, etc. We save much heartache from trying to be what we either think others want us to be or trying to be something that we are not for others.


When we do not understand our true value in Him, we allow others to manipulate us emotionally, make us feel less than, allow social media images to make us feel less than, try to mimic and imitate others to build up our often depleted, or worse, empty, struggling selves. If we have no firm foundation, we may cling to some new book, new philosophy, or some other temporary fix, rise a bit, have a good few weeks, months, but eventually we deflate to where we were.

So then, what is my value in Christ, and how I do I hang on to it. Psalm 2:12b states, “Blessed is she who takes refuge in Him.” Keyword - Blessed: made holy, favored, revered, exalted, joyful, privileged, select, glorified, honored, adored, magnified. That is what we are when we are in Christ. “Those who have faith are blessed,” Galatians 3:9. It is not for the rich and famous; it is for anyone who has faith in Jesus Christ.

And it is not difficult.

When we choose to believe and have faith in Christ, we are immediately gifted with grace and peace to begin living abundantly. We do not have to pray for peace. It’s already given to us by him. "Peace I give you; my peace I leave unto you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid,” John 14:27.

We grow into his role for us by meditating on the Truth of it every day and throughout the day. His truth helps to eliminate the up and down, yo-yo cycle of succumbing to the diktats of others, or to our own feelings, which incidentally, are not always a clever idea to follow.

Feelings can come from passion. Passion usually comes from the flesh, which is subordinate to the spirit, sometimes contrary to the spirit. It is a lower order form of navigating. Our thoughts will lead us all over the place, our feelings can, as well. Feelings and thoughts need to be aligned with wisdom.

Wisdom comes from Him.

No one can take away from us these truths about who we are in Christ. Though, they may try. Paul tells us, “If God is for us then who is he/she who is against us?” Romans 8:31. This means no one has the power to define us or determine our value. If they do, it simply means we have allowed it.

No human being has authority or power over God. People work at manipulating one another...and more discouraging; often it is easy for them to do it. Once we come to know this truth, we understand just how empty, arrogant, and fickle people, companies, and cultures can be.

Joyful people do not stand in judgement or try to control other people. That is an external attempt at control to ameliorate an internal void, a blackhole of unhappiness, bitterness, and discontent.

“But you are a shield around me, O LORD; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head,” Psalm 3:3.

What does it mean to have glory bestowed upon us? Keyword - Glory: distinction, praise, recognition, prestige, splendor, holiness, honor, radiant beauty, majesty. Notice how in Christ we receive celebrity status. And the beauty is it is nothing we earned. It is a gift...a gift of redeeming love. That is our real world, our eternal world. When we begin to grasp that then we are not as burdened, or we are not burdened at all by many of the issues happening in this world. We are set free and put bitterness to rest, no longer allowing the enemy to steal from our joy.

Furthermore, it makes us more capable and powerful to more effectively navigate and negotiate our lives. Soon, the approval we so earnestly sought from others begins to pale in comparison to the approval we begin to seek from Christ.

That is the approval that counts.

And soon enough the mercurial nature of our humanity, the behaviors of others around us begin to make more sense. It takes a lot of energy to seek acceptance from humans who are constantly seeking to fill voids, and to do so, must always change things up – new celebrities, new styles, latest ideas, new philosophies, etc., often commerce driven.

It can be tiring. And it is no wonder we see and hear many people say they are taking a break from social media. It is taxing if we fall victim to its pushes and pulls. The irony is we often look to others for value when they do not even know what they value, or worse, do not know their own self value.

When we begin to invest daily time with Him then we become increasingly like the woman in Psalm 1:3, “She is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields her fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever she does she prospers.”

And in turn, we become more like, “We will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of His splendor,” Isaiah 61. Then we become steady, grounded, anchored in true goodness. Then...we thrive.

This anchoring allows us to operate in a quiet fierceness. We don't need to put on a "coat" of loud rebellion, stomp our way to demanding respect or demand our voice be heard. It will be heard not from its volume but because of its beautiful and refreshing precision. The voice of value steeped in His love, His knowledge, and His wisdom tailored uniquely to us.

Have a beautiful day,


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