When the Ugly Comes propels readers into a compelling and provocative literary escape into the historical deep, sultry south. The year is 1955. Margaret, a young, white woman used to the ugliness of life, her younger, brilliant sister, and her endearing father, a local prison guard who has just experienced a sudden and miraculous change for the better have struggled to find their places after the mother's death. But when Dr. Elijah Kingdom, a colored doctor, opens a clinic in the tiny town of Marigold, Alabama, fate will not only lead him to Margaret but also to a wealthy councilman and KKK member who orders Kingdom leave town. The consequences of Kingdom's refusal turn deadly. But will fate or something greater give them the strength to survive in this family saga? From the mysterious death of the councilman's passionate wife to the accusation of Kingdom as a murderer - lies, passion, and untold horrors strip this southern town before it learns evil lies not within the skin but within the heart.

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