When the Ugly Comes

                            a Southern Historical Novel

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Set in sultry Alabama, 1955, When the Ugly Comes is a coming of age tale about a poor southern white girl, Margaret Tyler, who wants to marry the rich town councilman’s son, Bobby Greenfield.  But when Elijah Kingdom, an African-American physician, a man about Jesus and helping people, comes to minister medically, Margaret begins to learn of true beauty and wealth. She will also witness the brutal lengths at which those around her will go through to keep things from changing in her small Alabama town, as faith is challenged, but ultimately hope and beauty are restored. 


Reader Reviews:


Joe – An adult version of To Kill a Mockingbird.


Mildred – At 2:00 a.m. this morning, my husband told me to turn out the light; I couldn’t put the book down.”


Cathy & Sarah – We each bought our own copy and finished it in three days.  We didn’t want to talk about it until we both finished, we loved it so much!


Emily – I couldn’t put it down and cried at the end.


Lisa – Totally compelling. Finished it in four days.